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Kavik Customs

Kavik Customs


What is it?

We Have created a new service called "Kavik Customs" were you can ask us exactly what you want on a personalised clothing item, backpack, phone case and more.  Once you give us an image or info on what you want we will create an image for you and if you like it we will add it to your desired product and we will send it to you. 



How do I Do It?

Message us on Facebook or Instagram or on E-mail ( and we will reply to you as quickly as we can and send you an image of the product you want along with a quote on the price.


How Much Is It?

Each Product is different in price because each one is unique but the price will generally be between £15 - £50 per item depending on the design and quality you want.

If you want us to create an image for you it is free for the first image and any images after that cost £5 each


What Options do I Have?

You can even choose the Quality of clothes!
Our brand name and logo won't appear on the outside of your product.

Our Customisable Products:

Men's Clothing
Women's Clothing
Kids & Youth Clothing
Flip Flops
Laptop Cases
Face Masks
Phone Cases
Fanny Packs
Embroidered Aprons
Wall Art
Posters (Framed/Not Framed)
Bean Bags
Canvas Prints
& Much More


Why not be yourself, be unique, show your interests, Own your own look with Kavik.

If you have any questions or want a product contact us on Facebook or Instagram or email us. Links are at the bottom of the page on the footer.



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