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Explorer Polo Sweatshirt

Vintage Clothing is on the rise, everyone seems to be getting into the trend!

Kavik has recently released a NEW VINTAGE COLLECTION which is full of the best and highest quality vintage clothing pieces available. 

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Here are our Top 5 Vintage choices which you should get today:

1. Pomona Vintage Polo Sweatshirt

We put this at the top of our list because its just amazing. Everyone should get one! This one has also been the most popular item on Kavik and no wonder, Just look at it!

Pomona Vintage Sweatshirt

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2. Explorer Polo Sweatshirt

Coming in at 2nd is Kavik's Explorer Polo Sewatshirt and once again it has blown us away with its unique design! 

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3. Laguna Beach Vintage Pullover Sweater 

Yet again another absolutely beautiful sweater! Its simplistic design just stands out and lets be honest, how great would it look in your wardrobe?

Laguna Beach Vintage Pullover Sweater

Want it? So do I! Get yours here!

4. Lake Ontario Vintage Sweater

Next on the list is one that reminds us of Canada! The design on this is simply amazing. If not for yourself why not get it for a friend or family member, anyone would love it!

Lake Ontario Vintage Sweater

Own the trending look and get yours today! Click here!

5. Deer Path Wrestling Vintage Sweater

Lets finish on a high note with the Deer Path Wrestling Vintage Sweater from Kavik. Wow! I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't add this to your wardrobe. Take a look for yourself!

Blue Deer Path Wrestling Vintage SweaterGray Deer Path Wrestling Vintage Sweater

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